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Specialised KS1 & KS2 active learning resource

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Specialised EYFS active
learning Resource

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Stimulate safe lessons with clear, concise and creative activities

Jumping stickman

Reimagine Education. Action Mats create unique educational resources that deliver bespoke physical and learning outcomes inspiring young and adolescent children.

Making the traditional school day a physical one. All of our Action Mat collections are specifically designed to enhance children’s education whilst improving their physical and mental well-being.

We strongly believe there is a place in sport for everyone and our lesson plans have been created by educational experts to be used by children all over the world, with any learning capability and designed to be used with any language.

With childhood obesity rising higher than ever before and over 250 million children globally not meeting the most basic literacy and numeracy skills, it’s a given fact that we can no longer afford to ignore this. Action Mats and Mini Mats are a perfect solution to help pull out of this education crisis whilst relieving the pressures on both schools and children and most importantly..having fun!

Find out how Actions Mats can help your children.

Action Mats KS1 & KS2 (3-12 years)

Mini Mats EYFS (3-6 years)

Minimal prep— Just 3 simple steps!

Pick a pre-defined lesson plan or use your skills to create your own.

Our highly versatile mats work with everyday resources such as skipping ropes, hula-hoops, cones and bean bags.

Position the mats for an action-packed lesson and let the fun begin!

You can create opposing sides, small groups, or work as one big team, enjoying lessons that are easy to follow and engaging from start to finish.

Finalise your lesson with a hassle-free tidy up process.

Collect all of the Action Mats in just a matter of seconds and place them in the protective carry bags, ready for the next class.

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ERA2022 Winner

Why do schools and sports clubs love Action Mats?

Jumping stickman
  • Lesson plans provided for ease of delivery
  • Fast and hassle-free setup, engaging pupils quickly
  • Improve focus and stimulate problem-solving
  • Encourages independent play and learning
  • A cross-curricular, active learning resource for EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Enhances and improves Ofsted rating
  • Reduces revenue spend with long term effects. A high impact with low spend
  • Builds social skills such as leadership, teamwork and empathy
  • Transferable and interchangeable for all teaching and learning abilities
  • A valuable support tool for SEND, ‘brain breaks’, before and after school clubs and much more! The only limit is your imagination…

Create fun, focused and resourceful PE lessons

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An active learning resource for schools and sports organisations

PE and sport premium compatible

New and original products

Quick set up means no time for children to lose focus

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