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Create exciting PE lessons to inspire and engage

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Exhilarating activities to keep children happy & healthy

Level up your PE lessons

Simple yet engaging graphics to unlock the power of movement

“Wake up and shake up” your PE lessons

Stimulate safe lessons with clear, concise and creative activities

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Action Mats create resources that help children (3-12 years of age) exercise brains and bodies with simple, fun and focused activities.

Our resourceful mats enable schools around the world to redefine PE lessons, thanks to their simple graphics, creating simple and engaging sessions that focus on cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and trust.

Action Mats resources are sets of lightweight, non-slip and non-trip mats. Our mats provide exercises and challenges for all muscle groups and contribute to improving overall learning and development. Featuring bold and vibrant designs Action Mats ensure each exercise or challenge, is easy to understand to ensure immediate engagement.

Action Mats also provide add-on collections in the form of letters, numbers, images and giant jigsaw puzzles, for use with the main exercise mats, to further stimulate brain power and problem-solving skills.

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Mini Mats help children 3-6 years of age develop fundamental movement skills, learning how to control their bodies and brains in a variety of situations.

Mini Mats also help develop knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

Our resourceful Mini Mats create a fun way for children to reach early years curriculum milestones such as balance, core, wrist and neck strength, visual tracking, spatial awareness. As well as throwing and catching, jumping, pushing and pulling.

Discover our Mini Mats collection here

Minimal prep— Just 3 simple steps!

Pick a pre-defined lesson plan or use your skills to create your own.

Our highly versatile mats work with everyday resources such as skipping ropes, hula-hoops, cones and bean bags.

Position the mats for an action-packed lesson and let the fun begin!

You can create opposing sides, small groups, or work as one big team, enjoying lessons that are easy to follow and engaging from start to finish.

Finalise your lesson with a hassle-free tidy up process.

Collect all of the Action Mats in just a matter of seconds and place them in the protective carry bags, ready for the next class.

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Why do schools and sports clubs love Action Mats?

Jumping stickman
  • Lesson plans provided for ease of delivery
  • Deliver sessions that activate all muscle groups
  • Improve focus and stimulate problem-solving
  • Swift and simple setup saves valuable learning time
  • A cross-curricular, active learning resource for EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Helps inspire a love of movement and problem solving
  • No need for Wi-Fi or downloads – just set up and go!
  • Builds social skills such as leadership, teamwork and empathy
  • Easily positioned to follow social distancing guidelines (if the need arises)
  • A valuable support tool for other lessons, keeping pupils occupied where limited numbers can use equipment, such as drills for specific sports.

Create fun, focused and resourceful PE lessons

What our customers say...

These mats seem to be different, every time we get them out the kids want to use them. You can use your sports premium money, which is perfect because for that you have a whole list of things that you have to check off when you are investing that money. Becki Powel
Deputy Head,
The Wenlock School
As a small school, we have to compete with larger schools and the sports premium is all based on pupil numbers. So of course we don’t have as much as the larger schools. But we want to make sure we can offer our children the same opportunities as larger schools. We feel like we are managing to do that right now. Sonia Fenner
Pirton Primary School
Fantastic resource that as a school we use in a variety of different areas. Perfect for the children to set up themselves and the visual clues are excellent ensuring children remain focused on the task. Drove Primary School

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An active learning resource for schools and sports organisations

PE and sport premium compatible

New and original products

Quick set up means no time for children to lose focus

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