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‘Action Packed’ Set

Hula hooping stickman

With a set of Action Mats in two easy to carry bags and 10 activity sheets, you can level up your lessons with clear, concise and captivating activities.

From standalone PE lessons to energising warm up sessions between classes, Action Mats are highly versatile, resourceful and multi-curricular. Our ‘Action Packed’ bundle provides teachers and practitioners with a multitude of ideas, challenges, games and fun, saving you the effort of planning.

With a focus on promoting agility, balance, motor skills, coordination, collaboration and confidence, activities can be completed individually, in pairs or groups. Each mat features easy to follow illustrations in bold colours, whilst there’s no need for Wi-fi or download, just set up the mats and let the action begin!

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Why choose the Action-Packed Set?

  • Resourceful, easy to use and multi-functional
  • Save valuable learning time and minimise disruption with a swift and hassle-free setup
  • With 2 carry bags, the ‘Action Packed’ Set is easy to store away, to access at any time of day
  • Promote agility, balance, coordination, speed, problem-solving and concentration
  • With 10 activity sheets you can get straight into the action or unlock our imagination to create your own games and activities
  • Ideally suited for lesson progression, flowing from one grade to the next.
  • Lightweight, portable and durable with non-slip technology

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