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Mini Mats Extras

Jumping stickman

Communication and language

Mini Mats provide extensive opportunities to use and embed new words in a range of context. Role playing while using the Mini Mats gives children chance to share their ideas and story tell with friends and teachers. It gives teachers a chance to model new descriptive words to enrich the children’s vocabulary.

Personal social and emotional development

Using Mini Mats helps children set themselves goals and grow their confidence in their abilities, they will also improve interaction with their peers and help learn how to make friendships, work as a team and resolve any conflicts.


The number mats are a perfect addition to Mini Mats to help children develop building blocks to excel in mathematics. Using the Mats frequently in any lesson is the perfect opportunity for children to develop positive attitudes and interests to mathematics in a situation where they are not afraid to make mistakes.

Understanding the world

Using the clothing, animal mats and street signs is a great way for children to gain an understanding and increased knowledge to the world around them. The clothes mats can be used to talk about different job roles or daily routines, the animal mats give opportunity to talk about how the animals move and live differently to people and the street signs can help children understand road safety when out and about with their family and friends.

Physical Development

Physical Activity is vital for children’s development, Mini Mats can help develop fine and gross motor skills through various movements and activities.

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