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Number Collection

Jumping stickman

With 40 number and mathematical symbol mats, Teachers and Practitioners can make maths more enjoyable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 pupils, improving learning and strategic thinking.

Whether the number mats are woven into PE lessons alongside Action Mats or Mini Mats or used as part of a mathematics lesson to motivate pupils with brainteasers and logic puzzles, you can inspire children to tackle challenges they might have previously seen as too difficult.

Additionally, this collection can be added as a complimentary product to the Action Mats Action Packed Set.

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Specially made to promote critical thinking and logical reasoning skills

  • Helps children sharpen cognitive skills, learning the power of choice and strategy
  • Reinforce fundamental numerical skills in an engaging and focused way
  • Quickly create activities for children to work through independently or in groups
  • The compact (25cm x 25cm) mats are easy to store away and access at any time of day
  • Ideal for a “wake up shake” up activity to re-energize and refocus

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