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What are Action Mats?

Hula hooping stickman

Action Mats are lightweight, durable and non-slip, with cheerful designs to guide children through various activities, games and circuits.

From improving overall learning and development to honing coordination, balance, agility and teamwork, Action Mats are specifically designed for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 settings. We also provide extra collections in the form of letters, numbers and giant jigsaw puzzles to further stimulate brain power and inspire problem-solving.

With pre-defined lesson plans, you can use Action Mats to create standalone PE lessons, energise classes with “wake up, shake up” activities or invent fun problem-solving games for core subjects like Mathematics and English.

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Why do Teachers & Practitioners love Action Mats?

  • Fast and hassle-free setup, engaging pupils quickly
  • Lesson plans included for ease of delivery
  • PE and Sports Premium Compatible
  • Helps to nurture fine motor skills through the coordination of small muscles
  • Develop reasoning and decision-making skills, which are enormously valuable throughout their lives
  • Improve spatial perception, coordination, problem-solving and cognitive skills
  • Cross-curricular resource, facilitating lesson progression across EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Brings schools and nurseries new opportunities for active learning

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